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What is new with the drawing compass?

Few days ago Jairo Jimenez contact Denvelops by LinkedIn platform. He explained us that he had started a new website platform to create or better said, to join a group of architects and other construction actors.

What is new about this great new project is that has one clear objective, which is publish try to be very strict in terms to publish only a high-quality posts, articles, videos or construction solutions (new either old).

One of the best new platform initiatives is its blog area. As Jairo explained us, there are a lot of professionals that are bored from standardized advises that nobody reads and like them. Besides, when technics have a doubt about some project, whatever it is, nobody finds never a place to get in contact with other partners that could easily help.

When in Denvelops we understood he was going to create a community of high quality members interested in share and learn what they do or need to learn, we became really proud from them interest in having our systems as one of the facades solutions you can find there (, of course not in the blog area, but yes in the website area were some great construction solutions are exposed.

Right now, the website is done with Spanish language, so is more oriented to Spanish speakers. But is funny, because one of the helps you can take from the community is improve your English.

Innovation need maximum support
In Denvelops we know that innovative ideas and transfer to real and make them be known by explaining its new advantages is not always an easy way.

In our case, for example, day by day all architects and designers that discovers our systems and its solutions -for architectural skins for fast renovation o new buildings- like them very much. And then we always comment how much difficult is being known between the thousands of offers that internet shows.

In spite we are not known, and we don’t’ have too much followers, that’s why Denvelops has decided to write this post, because good initiatives needs maximum support.

Best luck thedrawingcompass project !!!

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