Our experience has allow us to design a new patented system. Our mission is work together with our customers to take the maximum profit of the system.
Engineer / Technical Office Manager
Jordi Riba
Architect / CEO
Jaume Colom
Engineer / Sales Manager
Pere Riba

The alma mater of Denvelops is formed by an architect and two engineers with many hours of teamwork behind their backs. About its curriculums, stands out the stage in which Jaume Colom worked with Dr. Architect Vicente Sarrablo in the development and commercialization of one of his patents; the ceramic fabrics. A landmark of great technical and architectural design, which was the best training so that his disciple could start his own way with the invention that surrounds the creation of this project.

However, Denvelops® is much more than three people, currently the project counts with many experts collaboration, among which stand out, the manufacturers that supply the components, the professionals who manage the social networks, the marketing,  the public relations and the teams of sale, the specialized workers in the assembly of the curtain walls… and many other collaborators who have helped us and continue helping us to improve every day. Thank you all!