Denvelops® most valued applications:


Construction System

Denvelops® is a new off-site construction system for Facades, Pergolas, Walls and Ceilings. Inspirated in curtain walls and steel meshes world, it is fantastic for doing all type of facades and walls. But due to it is design characteristics, also can be easly adapted to become a pergola or a ceiling, or special furnitures for retail.

All applications has columns (thin vertical plates) and rows (steel wires). But in here each column or row can be customized alone in terms of modulation or geometry. That is posible due to having incorporate Parametrics technologies and CNC machines to manufacture the projects. The result, is that with few modifications a big range of customisations can be cheap developed. It would be also posible to produce a simple or double curvature skin surface.

Once this new kind of «mesh curtain wall» has been defined, it is time to decide if tiles or bricks must be inserted in it. If  the response is positive, there are -almost- not restrictions about how the pieces must be to be able to get fixed in it, there are not -almost restrictions- about mixing diferents types of pieces in unlimited patterns desing, and there are not -almost restrictions- in terms to control each piece position in the mesh about rotation, deepth (in the façade plan) and orientation.

These pieces can be tiles or bricks made of unlimited shapes, forms, colours, materials. Besides the pieces have functions, right now there are two: static and kintec. But others functions like photovoltaic, lightning, or active shading are able to be easy developed.

All projects can be installed in small or big and large folded «sequences» formats, but always with high precision and speed installation.

Denvelops® has been designed following the «Lean Construction» philosophy, it is off-site fabricate, it is a dry construction system which is easy installed or uninstalled with few components. Components that can be recycled or reused as well.

Discover more about Denvelops®  visiting the sections Let’s desing and the Download Area were the Technical information of the System is available.

Examples of Applications

Please, take a look to the carousel of some Denvelops® examples of Façades, Pergolas, Walls and Ceilings. From massive textures designs, up to custom piece by piece projects designs, there is a new way to desing.

A new architectural lenguage, were patterns, materials, colours, functions and pieces shapes have become unlimited. Visit the Let’s desingsection and how easy and free is draw the ever wished skin.

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Denvelops® functionalities:


There are no limits of modulations, neither vertical nor horizontal. Random net designs are posible.


Modulations do not have to be regular or equidistant. You can make walls with widths of columns and / or rows of different lengths.


The way how the piece are fixed to the "mesh wall" can be also hidden.


The system allows to control the design of the braces in terms of shape, thickness, curvature, color and material.


The system allows to control -one by one- the position (rotation, depth and functionality - kinetic, static, lighting, etc.) of the filling pieces with respect to the braces or the facade plane.


The system also allows to control and choose the design -one by one- of each piece in terms of format, thickness, design, color and material.


Projects with predefined curved forms can be done by modifying the design of the weft cells or the wraps if both are made with rigid materials.


Lean construction philosophy. Denvelops is off-site produced with minum wastes. All its projects or components can be easily recycled or reused.


Explore the functional options of the system, about kinetics, domotics, photovoltaics, isolation, acoustic or waterproofing properties.