Denvelops®: Architectural Facades, pergolas, walls & ceilings

Following the Lean Construction philosophy Denvelops® is a company focused on design and off-site production of architectural skins for facades, pergolas, walls and ceilings.
For this, Denvelops® has a technical team that assists during the initial design, development and construction phase of the project, a factory that assembles and prepares the delivery, and a construction management team that advises the installers during the installation phase of the system.
Denvelops® is a company with a clear service vocation, any suggestion will be considered with great respect.

More about our Architectural Lean Construction Projects

What Denvelops® give to the clients?

01 Technical Office

Denvelops® has a powerful Technical Office in order to assist in the design of the projects and its details.
Afterward, it also facilitates the justification of the solutions adopted and the necessary data to correctly prescribe the designed project.

02 Parameterized technology

The majority of Denvelops® components are manufactured using parametrized machinery, an advantage that ensures the faithful reproduction of their initial designs and allows managing the elaboration of complex forms and projects in the most efficient possible way.

03 Quality Control

To control all the process, Denvelops® divides all its Projects into Frames. This allows improving and having the cheapest manufacture and installation cost, and making possible to control the logistics of all the process.

04 Innovation

Denvelops® is opened to work hand by hand with its customers in order to give them what they need. We exist due to innovation, and we will always try to preserve this skill.

05 Off-site production skills

Denvelops® structures and manufacturing requirements allow assuming big projects easily because it is an industrialized system that uses parametric technologies.
It is produced and installed with no wastes, and it is easy to remove, recycle and reuse.

06 Internationalisation

Denvelops® has an international vocation and the necessary predisposition to ensure that its products can be used all over the world. No matter where, we want to get there.

Patented system

Denvelops®: passion for architectural skins

After years of working and assisting companies in the innovation, development and implementation of new construction systems, Jaume Colom in association with Pere and Jordi Riba, have patented the technology shown here to lead their own business project. It all started when Jaume Colom stayed at the Marina Bay Sand Hotel in Singapore and was fascinated by the existing kinetic facade in the complex, designed by Ned Kahn. The idea of manufacturing something similar at a lower price was the beginning of the research that lead to the development of this system, and which also has open new ways to design building facades, pergolas, walls or ceilings.
At this point, next goal is clear: adding domotic features to the construction system.