23 Jun - 2018


Thanks to the advantages of the new construction system www.Denvelops.com, the designers have a new technology that will allow obtain three great advantages:

  1. Custom design:

Now is possible to design pattern facade, cell by cell or pixel by pixel. The wefts no longer have to be continuous, and the shape and / or materials of the tiles do not have to be the same… The possibilities are high, like making single-line fabrics, or with inserted -kinetic or static- tiles … or all mixed, why not?

  1. Manufacturing:

These super-custom designs have no risk, since all the components are manufactured using parameterized technologies, which facilitates the change from the paper to reality without risks or technical or economic uncertainties.

  1. Installation:

The prefabrication of these textiles is manufactured according to the modulation of each project and they are installed in a dry system. Besides, as a prefabricated system, the dimensions of one textile could have more than 30 meters long. Fast and simple, this is how these new architectural fabrics are installed, check it Denvelops® YouTube.

In summary, Denvelops® is a new opportunity to produce design new languages and at the same time adds value to the rest of the project participants, without a doubt the best way to attract the attention of juries and potential clients.


Jaume Colom

Ceo & Denvelops Co-Funder

[email protected]

phone 0034 619 592 514