21 Oct - 2019

Let’s design

How to start design with the new facade technology made by Denvelops

Denvelops® has update a new Let’s Design section in the website.

Incredible Facades, Pergolas, Walls and Ceilings, are there waiting to be discovered by using the new Off-Site Lead Construction System designed by Denvelops®.

The Denvelops® system, which was born from the fusion of steel meshes and curtain walls systems, it is just simple composed, easy to design, justify, install and recycling. But what is best appreciate of it, is its big potential to create unlimited architectonic languages due to its creasy unlimited options in terms of customization.

Want a try? With the Denvelops® system “almost” everything can be cheap customized.  Playing with the materials, the shapes, the pieces, the finishes, the functions, the patterns… all concepts together or just playing with some ones… will let architects to feel free to experience what happens when an Architectural Skin can be freedom designed.

This new architectonic design area explores the capacities of the system in 6 areas:

System name parts:

Short introduction of the system components.


What pieces can be used? Types, Modulations, Functions, Colors…


They remember curtain wall vertical plats… But now can be free.  Like the pieces.

Types of surfaces:

By customization the Wire, the Pieces and the Lines, double surface could be able to be designed. There is a lot to explore.


Insert the pieces in kinetic or static mode, control its rotation, orientation, depth. And explore some other like photovoltaics, lightning’s, or domotics. Everything is possible with Denvelops.

Patterns options:

There are unlimited patterns waiting to be defined, because all Denvelops components can be different and cheap customized.

It is an easy system to use and design, but, however, Denvelops® has a powerful commercial and technical team that will assist you in all projects phases:

Architects that works on the initial contacts and projects drawings, and understands that every project is a new opportunity to create a new architectonic skin line.

Engineering’s that follows each project from the start, to do fast initial technic observations and budgets, until the last phases, when the justifying of the project and the production plans are need.

Supervisors that assists in the projects installation, and certificate that everything has been done well and it is perfect.

Please just contact us and discover what we can do for you.

We are always ready to fun!


Jaume Colom, denvelops® CEO