5 Nov - 2018

Materfad Material Library & Denvelops®

Denvelops presents its new facade system to the Materfad family


In Denvelops® we are proud and happy to communicate that our Meshed Curtain Wall Constructive System has been selected to become a “material member” of the Materfad materials center.


In words of the website Materfad, Barcelona’s materials centre, ​​performs research and technology watch in the field of new materials and provides consulting and training services to businesses, professionals, universities and technology centres. Materfad covers all materials families (biomaterials, ceramics, composites, polymers, etc.) and its cross-cutting approach makes it into a catalyst for innovation by universities, technology centres, companies, designers, industrialists, engineers and architects.

The materials centre has a ‘materials library’ featuring a range of consultation and interaction options for over 3,500 materials and innovative projects which are constantly updated. Located on the building’s first basement floor, Materfad also displays its work in technology watch to the public in the ‘What’s next? Materials that will shape the future’ exhibition”.

For this ocasion, we have designed a little stainless ASI 316 sample that shows how the System Works, in where you will be able to discover our Load Line hanging system, our Block Line retention system, and a Curtain Wall of 4 kinetic tiles.

But remember, in Denvelops we have no barriers about what materials, tiles shapes or patterns types we can be used, so that just leave fly your imagination and explain us what you need! We will be glad to assist you to improve the best project always.



Thank so much Matterfad family!



Jaume Colom

Ceo & Denvelops® Co-Funder

[email protected]

phone 0034 619 592 514