20 Dec - 2018

Happy Green Year !!!

Denvelops with environment and lean construction philosophy

In Denvelops we are proud and happy because we will start the next 2019 with a new photovoltaic plant according our heavy will to be as green as possible.

From now we will produce over the 80 % of the electricity we need.

This is just one of the many actions we are doing every day to contribute fighting against the climatic change:

  • Our Curtain Walls and Pergolas projects contributes to control the sun incidence in the buildings.
  • We promote the use of recycled materials when our customers have to choose and develop them projects designs.
  • We always apply for components made by recycled processes.
  • Our parametrized production system optimises the uses of the components, allowing us to not have almost wasted materials.
  • Our Off-site fabrication constructive system avoid having big wasted materials when we do the projects installation.
  • Our dry constructive system allows us to recuperate all the project for reusing or for recycling it in a very easy way.
  • Our light constructive system allows engineering to optimize its loads needs for structures calculations, and also allow them to have lighter façades enclosures solutions because our system only needs to be attached to every structure slab.

Any suggestion about improve our ecological strategy will be taken seriously and as green as possible.


Best regards,


Jaume Colom

Ceo & Denvelops® Co-Funder

[email protected]

phone 0034 619 592 514