Denvelops® applications:

Exterior double skins
Interior walls & ceilings
Furnitures & others

More about Denvelops applications:


Denvelops® is a new construction system born from having mixed two other and well-known systems: curtain walls and mesh steel constructive textiles. This could be the fastest way to explain how the system looks like about its “ADN” geometry. But in addition, it must be explained that instead of the curtain walls attached glasses, in here what can be attached or inserted in the system, are tiles, or bricks, or any other considered small piece.

In the website Let’s designsection, are explained all the components that can be incorporate in a Denvelops project to develop all its functional options, which are many. Besides Denvelops® is an open constructive system that allows to create solutions that can turns from one application to another in a same continues surface. Be aware, there are unlimited options to mix, like patterns, bricks, colours, formats, etc.

Since precision is one of the advantages of the system (because all components can be competitive produced with CNC machines) it is obligatory to delimit some standard architectural applications to let designers be familiarized about the system applications:

A) Ventilated facades B) Sunscreen C) Aesthetics.

All these applications can be done with a lot of different materials and finishes, like non-bricks solutions when an a mesh steel aesthetic is wanted, or with all types of bricks either tile shapes (in kinetic or static function) when a curtain wall made of pieces is also wanted.  Usually, every mesh connector has one tile / brick attached, but other strategies can be done in case some designer wants to use a large big tile / brick format, by attaching this big tile / brick, with 2 or more connectors. Just to inform, all pieces under 40.40.10 cm could be considered standard to be attached with just one connector. However, remember it is open system, so unlimited open solutions can be discovered playing with its basic design rules.

All these applications can be designed and fabricated in large formats from 2 m wide to 30 m long installed hanged by crane, or into small formats just installed directly to the support with screws. Anyway, Denvelops® system is always the best option when a fast renovation building solution is required.

Another important requirement Is the wind load forces. In Denvelops® this question has been studied in a very strict way, and this such important aspect was one of the reasons on how the system was designed to be open assembled. It means that all components (specially the vertical Lines that resists the main wind loads) can be produced with the needed resistance section size, also slab by slab according its hight. These slab by slab sections are easily calculated by standard -and common- steel models, so any façade engineer can check or calculate the sections for each project. Besides, light materials for the tiles can be chosen in order to design also light solutions that works better again the wind and the loads forces.

Denvelops® applications:

A)     Denvelops® Ventilated Facades


For this application projects must have a 100% density of tiles / brick / pieces.

As happens in other standards ventilated facades (terracotta, HPL, aluminium), the join between the tiles or bricks can be open (like does other big facades panels systems)  or can be “join closed”, due two the use of mortar (ventilated brick façade) or due to the use a overlap between the pieces. In this case, Denvelops® ventilated façade will be able to be designed with open join or with overlapping join, and not easy able with the mortar join finished.

Besides, the Denvelops® tiles, like happens in other standard solutions, can be composed by many layers, in other to add in the solution some thermic or acoustic isolation.

In case of windows, steel frames can be inserted in the facades in order to have open 100% empty holes to let pass 100% of light. However, sunscreens for windows can be designed and easy integrated in the window holes in order to reduce the heat sun insolation, and of course, with the same aesthetics of the ventilated Denvelops® facade.

In these types of ventilated facades don’t have too much sense use kinetic tiles, but however, maybe some smart project design could resolve it.


B)     Denvelops® Sunscreen’s


As a sunscreen facade, Denvelops® can be designed with high precision in order to get the exact percentage of shadows that every building façade needs in terms of sun isolation.

To get an extra sun control irradiation there are two more optional strategies that Denvelops can easily incorporate:

  • Use tiles with folded visors, to optimize its shadows according summer or winter time.
  • Insert the tiles / bricks in a specific orientation, in terms of rotation, depth or translation. The result is that every project facade can have the tiles oriented where the sun heats more, so sun heating can be optimized for each façade orientation.

As the point before, in terms of controlling the sun heating, uses kinetic tiles would not have too much sense, maybe only in case were wished to allow passing the wind -when wind appears- to refresh and renovate the inside air, but always be able to stop the sunlight when there were no wind ventilation.

Another option for Sunscreen facades is to install Denvelops® inside big steel frames and move them over the façade by using wheels and rails actioned manually or automized with domotics.

Finally, it must be considered that all this Sunscreen characteristics are also able for pergolas design.


C)     Denvelops® Aesthetics


Really, it should not have been defined an Aesthetics Denvelops® application category, since install a double skin surface always means that some shadow or acoustics isolation will be produced, so at least, somehow there will be some functionality going on.

Anyway, this category is very good to grope many other uses related more with using Denvelops® as a system to do visual integration, corporative languages, and other coating projects, for inside walls and ceilings.

Exterior Double skin:

Hotels, pall malls, sports centres, commercials areas, offices, are some of the buildings uses that usually needs to renovate and improve its image to transmit better values to the places where they are sited. Of course, this also happens when a new project design is going on.

With Denvelops these needs can be easily resolved, because is an off-site industrialized system very fast to be installed. Besides, this competitive doble skin is able with unlimited corporative designs, with unlimited beautiful patterns, and customized bricks, tiles and aesthetics connectors, able to transmit as never before the values that the owners and the architectural project have.

When it’s said that corporative design can be done, it means that by using CNC machines, unlimited tiles can be shaped with logotype designs, besides these tiles (logotype or not logotype) can be mixed by colours to do pixeled surfaces.

Many times, synergies appear when these skins can also be designed as a sunscreen functional solution.

Interior wall and ceiling cladding:

As happened in exterior double skin projects, there are a lot of surfaces in many types of building uses that requires beautiful coatings with customized designs. Besides this corporative language can be the same as the ones used outside.

Specially in case of ceilings (and also for the rest of applications) is well appreciate that the tiles or bricks are attached very strongly (by screws or by inserting the connector in the brick) so that in case of earthquake or terrorism situation the tiles or the bricks will never be able to fall over users.

Taking in advantage that the Denvelops® projects can be easy customized, some of the tiles or the lines of the system can be shape designed to create supports, to fix or to add, building signage and other gadgets normally used to improve the use of the spaces.

Furnitures & others

Why should not be taken the customizations options of the Denvelops® until its limits?

For example, by modifying connectors and tiles, a wall coating could be transformed into a great rack or shelving to sale small goods in retail uses. Another option could be to design a double curvature small object to be, for example, a lamp for a lighting.

The geometry and the assembly system of the Denvelops® system components could be used to design this and other objects. For sure this in not for what the system was designed, but it opens a good chance to have some objects with the same aesthetic language used In other building Denvelops® surfaces, and allows to architects and designers to create atmospheres where every thing fits together.



Please, take a look to the carousel of some Denvelops® applications examples. From massive textures designs, up to custom piece by piece projects designs, there is a new way to design.

A new architectural language were patterns, materials, colours, functions and pieces shapes have become unlimited. Visit the Let’s designsection and how easy and free is draw the ever wished skin.

Need some help? Our Technical Office will be glad to assist you in any doubt.

Need some budget? Just send us some drawing of the project.

Any case, please, just contact us.


New Design Technology

Denvelops® is a new off-site construction system for Facades, Pergolas, Walls and Ceilings. Inspirated in curtain walls and steel meshes world, it is fantastic for doing all type of facades and walls. But due to it is design characteristics, also can be easly adapted to become a pergola or a ceiling, or special furnitures for retail.

All applications has columns (thin vertical plates) and rows (steel wires). But in here each column or row can be customized alone in terms of modulation or geometry. That is posible due to having incorporate Parametrics technologies and CNC machines to manufacture the projects. The result, is that with few modifications a big range of customisations can be cheap developed. It would be also posible to produce a simple or double curvature skin surface.

Once this new kind of “mesh curtain wall” has been defined, it is time to decide if tiles or bricks must be inserted in it. If  the response is positive, there are -almost- not restrictions about how the pieces must be to be able to get fixed in it, there are not -almost restrictions- about mixing diferents types of pieces in unlimited patterns desing, and there are not -almost restrictions- in terms to control each piece position in the mesh about rotation, deepth (in the façade plan) and orientation.

These pieces can be tiles or bricks made of unlimited shapes, forms, colours, materials. Besides the pieces have functions, right now there are two: static and kintec. But others functions like photovoltaic, lightning, or active shading are able to be easy developed.

All projects can be installed in small or big and large folded “sequences” formats, but always with high precision and speed installation.

Denvelops® has been designed following the “Lean Construction” philosophy, it is off-site fabricate, it is a dry construction system which is easy installed or uninstalled with few components. Components that can be recycled or reused as well.

Discover more about Denvelops®  visiting the sections Let’s desing and the Download Area were the Technical information of the System is available.

Denvelops® functionalities:


In & Out Architectural skins / Façades, pergolas, Walls, Ceillings. Retail furnitures as well.


Kinetic function: For all types of tiles and extruded pieces, there are attaching systems which allow or do not allow free movement against the wind or the gravity.


One by one free position (in front, behind, between) of the tiles or the extruded pieces. Also,installing two opposing pieces in a same cell is possible.


100% free pattern designs. Mix everything, we fabricate Cell by Cell. New freedom to adapt designs for old or new buildings.


Light weight solutions from 7 kg/m2 for 100% steel textiles, 15 kg/m2 for textile made of thin tiles, and 50 kg/m2 for textiles made with heavy bricks.


Free material election. Just make your choice and it will be adapted to your project.


Surfaces with predefined curved forms can be done by modifying the design of the rows pieces cells or the columns cells, if both are made with rigid materials.


Lean construction philosophy. Denvelops is off-site produced with minum wastes. All its projects or components can be easily recycled or reused.


Explore the functional options of the system, about kinetics, domotics, photovoltaics, isolation, acoustic or waterproofing properties.