Denvelops® System Name Parts

These meshed-curtain walls invented by Denvelops to do architectural skins are composed of a short list of components. Let´s see how we call them in order to make easy to understand the other sections of the Let’s Design area.

  • The Lines are the vertical plates –which remember thin curtain walls columns- that supports the weight, and generate the hole in where the Connectors can be attached.
  • The Connectors are the horizontal wires that “Connects” Line between them. So that with a lot of Connectors attaching a lot of lines a kind of textile / mesh / curtain wall can be configured.
  • The Pieces, are tiles or bricks –or also a connector with aesthetics functions- that can be “optional” attached to the system by fixing them to a connector.

There are two ways to install a project, by hanging the surfaces from the tops with large hinged formats or by fixing them directly to the walls behind the skin. In both cases, we must know the next concepts:

  • Load Line: Is the anchoring system to hang and fix the surfaces from them top.
  • Wind Line: It is a horizontal plate fixed in front of each project slab for wind requirements.
  • Anchors: Many of them are used to complete the installations of the Load and Wind lines, and to install the not hanged formats.


Please visit next section Denvelops Pieces or Download the Technical Manual for more information.

Date: 05.03.2018
Denvelops® name parts