Pattern Options

Denvelops® presents its unlimited possibilities to do amazing facade New Patterns Desings

Since there are not almost restrictions in the design of the Lines, or the Connectors, or and the Pieces, and assuming that all Connectors can be different, but all of them are attached with the Lines in a same way, the pattern options of the system is unlimited. Please, just read some basics about it:

  • For a same surface X could be use one, two or unlimited types of pieces.
  • For this same surface X could be defined with one, two or unlimited static or kinetic types of position of each pieces.
  • Playing with the separation of the Lines’ holes the separation between the Connectors / pieces, could be regular or random.
  • In same the way, playing with the length of the connectors, the separation of the Lines in a surface (columns wide) could be regular or random.
  • Taking advantage of the system, the rows or the columns don’t need to be continuous, so that insert little holes or windows is available.
  • The assembly of the surface components is done piece by piece, so that customizes the patterns designs does not make increase the cost production too much.
  • If much groups of same connectors + pieces are used the project cost will gets reduced.


Download the Technical Manual for more information.

Date: 05.03.2018
Denvelops®Pattern Options