Denvelops® Functions

Denvelops® is a new and open system with unlimited new functions waiting to be designed.

Since the Pieces, the Connectors and the Lines are components that can be cut with CNC machines, Denvelops system has become a great opportunity to add gadgets to the system. Next functions are able right now:

  • Static:

For static piece attachment will be necessary to define its orientation, its rotation and its depth position from the surface plane. Once it is defined a specific connector will be designed to obtains this characteristic.

  • Kinetic:

To get a kinetic piece solution will be necessary to add a “kinetic clip” to a static connector. After that, any piece (wire, tile or brick) will “start dancing” with the wind.

  • Lighting / photovoltaics / active shadings / waterproofing:

For these functions, and others as well, Denvelops is right now working to develop them. It consists on adapt standard technologies -that already exist in the market- to the system.


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Date: 05.03.2018
Denvelops® Functions