Denvelops® Lines

Denvelops® Lines are new opportunity to improve the facades design.

In Denvelops Lines can be rigid or flexible.

  • Rigid Lines:

Rigid Lines are “specific plates shapes” cut with CNC machines from a thin sheet of some material like Iron or Inox steel, aluminum, Hpl wood, composite, etc. According the characteristics of each material and the applications requirements a calcultaion validation needs to be done in each case (for example, may be a Hpl wood Line would be too weak for a high wind conditions).

Taking advantage of its “one by one” cutting process, all Lines can be easily modified, in order for example to have curved lines, or lines where the holes -needed to fix the connectors- has been cut in a special –for example random- modulation, or line with extra holes or with some appendix in order to add to the system other basis supports to get other functions (for example to add electrics it would need extra holes to attach them).

  • Flexibles lines:

Flexible Lines are made of composites. Due to its fabrication process, the holes’ connectors modulations have to be regular. With this type of Line is possible to do flexibles surfaces.


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Date: 05.03.2018
Denvelops® Lines