Denvelops® Pieces

The most important thing about this section is understand than in Denvelops almost all type of wires, tiles, brick, textiles, composites, etc. can be easy attached to a “Connector” specifically designed to that objective. Let’s know more about that:

Aesthetics Connectors:

The wire used to make the connectors can be a finished of the system. For that a lot of connectors should be installed very close, until the needed density to get a standard steel mesh effect.

Besides, due to they are also made with parametric machines, the connectors can have specific shapes, and don’t need to be straight. So that connectors were the wire draws a curve, a triangle or a vibration, etc. can be easily and cheap done.

These connectors are always made form Inox steel ASI316, but in case of need, them can be painted or sheathed with some kind of small and thin pipe, just to increase its volume vision.

Tiles and bricks:

Denvelops is not a factory of tiles or bricks, it buys them to other companies. Some tiles and bricks are easy and cheap to get because can be directly cut with CNC machines from a sheet of aluminum, Inox steel, or HPL wood, sunscreen textiles, etc.

Others types of tiles and bricks will need to treat with them producer’s companies in other to get them. But if a designer has an idea for a piece, Denvelops will do the best to get it and use it in the project.

However, notice that a Denvelops project can have unlimited types pieces, shapes, colors, materials and all whatever you can wish. To attach a big one size tile over two or more.


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Date: 05.03.2018
Denvelops® pieces