Denvelops® Surfaces

As open system fabricate with parametric design all surfaces should be albe to desing, and done as well.

In Denvelops the surface type is related with the chosen Lines and the Connectors type. With Denvelops® a lot surfaces can be created.

  • Plane surface:

Them will be got by using straight Lines in the design.

  • Single curvature surface:

To get a single curvature surface there are two options, use curved shaped Lines, or by using curved shaped connectors. In first time vertical one curvatures will be got, and horizontal one curvatures will be got in second time.

In both cases, the curvatures can be thought as an adding of small curves, so that surface with big radius can be assume with the system.

  • Double curvature surface:

Geometry says that for big double curvatures surfaces it would be possible to get this kind of surfaces with the system, and Denvelops has started a project to resolve it. The difficulty is that in a double curvature surface all components (Lines, Connectors and Pieces) would have its own unique length, a fact that complicates the assembling process of the system.

Right now, these kind of double surface could be available for small surfaces, not bigger than one or two meters’ diameter. For example a plane surface with some integrated small double curvatures, or for doing some retail or furniture’s specifics designs.


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Date: 05.03.2018
Denvelops® Surfaces Types