DENVELOPS architectural skins

About us

Passion for architectural skins

After years of working and assisting companies and architects in the innovation, development and implementation of new construction systems, Jaume Colom in association with Pere and Jordi Riba, have patented the technology shown here to lead their own business project. It all started when Jaume Colom was fascinated by kinetic facades.

The idea to improve the manufacturing of this type of solutions was the beginning of the research that lead to the development of this system, and which also gave them a great surprise: discover news and better ways to design ventilated facades, sunscreens and other applications.

For this, Denvelops® ask designers to do free and unique desings. After that, its Technical Office and factory team, will do the rest:


  • Fast technical and economic studies
  • Develop hidden anchoring details
  • Project plans and documentation
  • Manufacture your design
  • Prepare the delivery
  • Control the installation of the system
  • Maintenance plan
  • Recyle and reuses components

We ensure that you get the most efficient solution and the maximum benefits of the system.


What does Denvelops® give to its clients?


Denvelops is easy to adapt in renovating or new projects because there are no modulations restrictions. A lot of types of materials and patterns can be used in the system so, there sholuld always be a desing to fit the project.



The majority of Denvelops® components are manufactured using parametrized machinery, an advantage that ensures the faithful reproduction of their initial designs and allows managing the elaboration of complex forms and projects in the most efficient possible way.


To control all the process, Denvelops® divides all its Projects into Frames. This allows improving and having the cheapest manufacture and installation cost, and making possible to control the logistics of all the process.


Denvelops® is opened to working hand in hand with its customers in order to give them what they need.
We exist due to innovation, and we will always try to preserve this skill.


Denvelops® structures and manufacturing requirements allow us to take on big projects easily because it is an industrialized system that uses parametric technologies.
It is quickly produced and installed with no wastes, and it is easy to remove, recycle and reuse.


Denvelops® has an international vocation and the necessary predisposition to ensure that its products can be used all over the world. No matter where, we want to get there.


Preserving our beginnings

As a company born from a innovative research project, Denvelops knows how important it is to invest in and to preserve its skills.


The company is currently involved in new resarch projects to improve the skills and functions of its system. Watch this space for more news about the following areas of expertise:


  • Denvelops photovoltaics energy
  • Denvelops kinetic energy
  • Denvelops Active Shading
  • Denvelops LED lighting

Furthermore, Denvelops is developing new software, allowing architects and designers to use the system more easily with the maximum efficiency and range of design possibilities.


Please contact to the Technical Office or the News Area for more information.

Technical office

Passionate about hidden details

Denvelops® has a powerful Techical Office with designers who develop free designs, helping them to achieve the maximum benefits of the system. It also provides solution justifications and all necessary data for the project design.


In case you have a project or you are interest in knowing more about our system, please contact to our Technical Office at You will be able to get The Technical information of the system, and start working with our architects and engineers to design the project you have in mind.


In the technical information you wil find information about these important aspects:


  • Denvelops photovoltaics energy
  • Constructive System Description
  • Curtain wall design, materials and components
  • Project Design
  • Technical Justification
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Packaging, warehouse, transportation and handling
  • Placement on building site
  • Maintenance and working conditions

Contact us to start discovering a new, powerful , safe and tested world to customize unlimited design patterns with our new facade technology.

Denvelops® Team

Experience for a new patented system

The founding spirit of Denvelops is formed by an architect and two engineers with many hours of teamwork behind their backs. One of their greatest achievements includes the work done by Jaume Colom and the renowned architect Vicente Sarrallo to develop one of his patents; that of ceramic fabrics. This was a landmark of great architectural design, which gave Jaume the start he needed for his own invention which was the creation of this project.

Now Denvelops® has grown to include a team of experts including the manufacturers supplying the components, the professionals who manage the social networks, the marketing, public relations and sales teams and the assembly experts, to name but a few of those who have helped us to improve and who continue to collaborate in our development. Thank you all!

Certified system

If we are safe, you will be safe

In Denvelops we know how much important it is for architects to work with certified and safe systems.

Our system was developed to withstand the most challenging requirements and has been fully tested in our latest projects by well-known architects and engineers. Denvelops is currently obtaining its ETA certificate, giving it the CE mark for the European Market.