DENVELOPS architectural skins

Hybrid texTILES

When customization becomes a pleasure

The Hybrid TexTILES are a new architectural solution that takes the best from the courtain walls facades and the metal mesh textiles. The genesis of the system is based on to do strongs attachments between; a) vertical and thin steel plates, with b) free shape horizontal mesh wires. This patented innovation creates an hybrid solution, in where materials like Cerámics, Woods, Steels, HPL, Glasses, Stones, Leathers, UPB…. can be easly integrated in a very creative, strong and practical way.


In addition, the production system is based on digital skills ensures that this new type of sophistication can be faithfully reproduced as it were has been done 3D printed.

Smart components

Creating infinite categories of Denvelops hybrid texTILES

Denvelops system is designed with three customisable components; Lines, Connectors and -optional- Pieces, created with the following objectives:

  • Customizable components to create efficient and ecological projects.
  • Maximum freedom to create projects.
  • Work with massive and economical industrialized small components.
  • Off-site production: easy and simple (to install, maintain and recover).

With this basis, Denvelops is ready to assume all big new objectives that projects designers are demanding today.


And with this basis too, can be created as many categoryes of hybrid texTILES as type of existing materials are. In the MODEL web area can be discovered some of them. The others will have to wait for them demand. So, just propose and Denvelops will develop it for you.

A) Hybrid TexTILES Name Parts

The system is composed of a short list of components

1. Lines

Vertical plates where the Connectors can be attached.

2. Connectors
Horizontal wires that “Connects” the Lines between them.

3. Pieces
Tiles or bricks attached to the system.

B) Types of Pieces, Connectors & Lines

Pieces, Connectors and Lines are the one that makes the finished of the system:


  • For a metal fabric image project, there will be only with Lines and a lot of Connectors.
  • For a ventilated facade or sunscreen project, there will be Pieces attached to the Lines or Connectors.


Shape: Modifing the shape of the connectors all type of tiles or brick can be used in the system.


Material: Ceramics, Woods, Steels, HPL, Glasses, Stones, Leathers, UPB, Aluminiums, , polycarbonates, composites, etc.


Dimensions: Normally every piece (up to 350 x 350 mm) is attached to one connector. But big pieces can be also attached to the system with more than one connectors.


Shape: Free. It can be straight or curved, in many turns or curved forms.


Material: Stainless, Aluminium, Steel, HPL, polycarbonate, composite, etc. up to 50.3 mm.


Dimensions: Normally with rectangualr section from 30.3 mm up to 50.3 mm.


Hinged connections: In order to make larger Lines or in order to insert graft apendices to the system.

C) Denvelops® Surfaces

As open system fabricated with parametric design all type of surfaces are avaiable with Denvelops.

Plane surface:


Single curvature surface:

Optimized. With curved connector or curved Lines.

Double curvature surface:

Optimized for small project areas.


Shape: It can be straight or curved, in many turns or curved forms.


Material: Stainless ASI316 wire of 2’5 mm section. Also can be painted or sheathed with some kind of small and thin pipe, just to increase its volume vision.


Dimensions: Connectors should not be larger than 350 mm (Lines modulation).

D) Pattern Options

Pieces, Connectors and Lines work together to complete the finished system:


  • In Denvelops cell by cell design pattern is posible. All patterns are available.
  • The shape design of the Lines, connectors and  pieces is free.
  • The position of the Lines, Connectors and Pieces is free.
  • Mix different Lines, Connectors or Pieces freely in the same project.
  • Work freely with regular or random modulations of the columns and the tiles (also one by one).

E) Denvelops® Functions

Many functional surfaces can be created with Denvelops with just a little knowledge of how the pieces can be attached or how some pieces can be developed specifically for certain systems.


Any of our simple methods can be used in the same project according the needs of each facade orientation.


Avaiable functions:


  • Static Attach mode: 
    Piece attached with no movement. Choose for every case its orientation, rotation or depth position against the facade surface.
  • Kinetic Attach mode: 
    Piece attached with wind. Choose for every case its orientation, rotation or depth position against the facade surface.
  • Ventialated facade: 
    Static attached pieces desinged with overlapped or open joins. Additional insulation is also avaible.
  • Sunscreen: 
    Static attached pieces with free election of the tiles density and free election of the tiles position and orientation to get the best shade in relation to the sun’s heat.
  • Retail furniture:
    Explore the system to create furniture and product displays.

Coming soon

Since the Pieces, the Connectors and the Lines are components that can be cut with CNC machines, Denvelops system has become a great opportunity to add gadgets to the system. New functions are available right now:


Lighting / photovoltaics / active shadings / waterproofing / isolation


Denvelops is working to develop these functions and many others. It consists of adapting standard technologies -that already exist in the market- to the system.


Want to be the first? We are looking for a great project to launch our new system.