DENVELOPS architectural skins

Fast production, easy installation

Measure twice and produce once

Denvelops is fabricated from small and fast produced components with CNC machines. This means that all components dimensions can be modified mm by mm with no extra costs.

If the components are produced fast, Denvelops can produce and assemble the projects just in time, so until the last moment all can be easily changed.

Besides, our patented system made with almost no screws and rivets, gives the company a great flexibility to adapt our production skills to easily produce 500 m2 per day.

Install more than 500 m2 with one team and crane

To install a Denvelops project only a few steps and tools are required. An open production system ensures that installers can easily modify the production plans in order to optimize their resources and real project dimensions in every project.

In the best conditions project, one crane can install more than two 20 m2 sequences per hour, which means doing marks of 640 m2 per day.


Free modulation adjustment

Up to last moment, and before starting production, all dimensions can be freely modified to optimize the operations in the construction area.

Installation mode

The system can be installed in two ways, top hung or direct to a back wall.


Top hung

Perfect for big projects. Denvelops can produce installation formats about 30 m large and 3 m wide.

Pull up the sequences with the crane.


Fix the sequences over the load lines and the wind line anchors in every slab.

End the works by adding the wind connector rivets and fixings al sequences together with screws.

Direct system


For small areas where big formats do not work, Denvelops can produce exploded elevation with all the required dimension frames. To install them it is only necessary to use M10 screws.



Preview, install and positioned the anchors.

Fix the panel to the brackets.

New patented technology

Developed with the best professionals

The system’s innovation consists of a new way to assemble surfaces without screws, but using thin vertical plates (horizontal steel wires) for all parts. This makes it simple, clean and quick to assemble.

Certified system

If we are safe, you will be safe

In Denvelops we know how much important it is for architects to work with certified and safe systems.

Our system was developed to withstand the most challenging requirements and has been fully tested in our latest projects by well-known architects and engineers. Denvelops is currently obtaining its ETA certificate, giving it the CE mark for the European Market.