Architectural patterned solutions:


New system: The best from steel mesh & curtain walls.

Also for pergolas, walls and ceilings projects.



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At Denvelops ® we manufacture architectural skins for facades, pergolas, walls and ceilings.

For this, Denvelops ® has a technical team that assists during the initial design, development and
justification phase of the project, a factory that assembles and prepares the delivery, and a cons-
truction management team that controls the installation of the system.

What is new with Denvelops®?

Denvelops® is a new world construction system and its new opportunities in architectural skins:

  • It is a fusion between steel meshes
    textiles and curtain walls facades.
  • It is based on Lean Construction 100% manufactured Off-Site.
  • Power to design: It is produced by CNC parametrics machines.
  • Able with unlimited materials, pieces, patters and functions.
  • 100% cheap customisable.
  • It is simple and easy to design,
    justify, fabricate and install.

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We are specialists in cladding free pattern facades

Explore our new constructive system to discover it


With the new technology all types of pieces, tiles & bricks (ordered by materials or colours)

can be random inserted in kinetic or with controlled and oriented position mode.

There are no limits about random modulations.

Our light systems are fabricate in large folded sequences or in small formats.

What else? Discover how to do curved surfaces.



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