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    Virtual Stand

    Feel the Denvelops© experience

    Denvelops® is glad to present the Virtual Stand. It is an easy 3D application that will allow the user to walk or fly around a virtual facade that ends with a pergola.


    This virtual façade is composed of 4 Sequences, in turn formed by 4 Frames connected by hinges. The first of them is positioned horizontally, the second and third vertically and finally the last in a slope plane.


    This application allows to changing a facades example for each Sequence. Find out the feelings you can get by mixing them, and once having got how it works, feel free to create your own designs.


    The fabrics shown in the virtual stand and others images in the web site are just a few models of what can be done. Hundreds of other designs are waiting there to be defined!



    Just remember some of the main points of Denvelops technology:

    • It is a fusion between steel meshes and curtain walls facades.
    • It is based on Lean Construction 100 % off-site manufactured .
    • Power to design: It is 100% produced by CNC parametric machines.
    • Unlimited materials, pieces, patterns and functions csn br used.
    • 100% cheap and customisable.
    • It is simple and easy to justify.