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Architectural Facades, pergolas, walls & ceilings

Denvelops® architectural skins

Modular construction facades In Denvelops’ line of work, more and more construction projects are incorporating modular construction as a growth and expansion …

Denvelops® architectural skins

In the line of work of Denvelops, more and more construction projects incorporate modular construction as a strategy for growth and expansion. …

Denvelops® architectural skins

Denvelops collaborates with a prestigious design firm to develops a corporative architectural skin for a housing building. Last 20th December Denvelops finished …

Denvelops® architectural skins

New kinetic facade pattern design opening Next August 27th, the new Johan Cruyff stadium will be inaugurated. We appreciate to “batlleiroig arquitectes” …


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Denvelops Macramé Collection 2021


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