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New advantages in Denvelops® modular systems

In the line of work of Denvelops, more and more construction projects incorporate modular construction as a strategy for growth and expansion. These are some of the benefits of building with our new method

Reduced delivery time.

Delivery time is one of the major advantages of this construction system. We can now build more than 500m2 in per day, with just one crane and reduced, specialised personnel, because the modules are already assembled. These results can even be improved optimising process, which is not possible in traditional construction. In our experience, a Denvelops project can few weeks to develop and build, while it would take years to complete by conventional means.

Reduction of production costs.

Modular architecture, as a general rule, reduces costs significantly beyond its time. By reducing the cost of prefabricated modules, facade performance can be offered at a much lower price than through traditional construction.

Customisation for every client

Our combination of interchangeable components on our adapted structure allows us to offer unique solutions both in formal design and in textures, finishes, and performance, such as the degree of ventilation. It should be noted that due to our own patented system, each of its components allows a high degree of personalisation, while maintaining compatibility with the rest of the components.

Flexible modular design

Another great advantage of the modular design is the flexibility available when building. Upgrades, modifications and additions can be easily made with minimal effort or disruption.

If a project needs to be expanded, its components can be built off-site to avoid unwanted noise and interference that could disturb other participants. Once prepared, they are easily placed on the scheduled day using conventional cranes. In this way, in addition to avoiding noise, we also reduce the impact on the environment.

Technological support.

The building envelope is optimised to the maximum, so that the connection between modules also serves as a support for other technologies included in the project. Currently, multiple international research projects are being developed for the integration of intelligent actuators, photovoltaic solutions, or lighting included in its components.

Integrated solutions

The patent developed by Denvelops over the last few years ensures that each component integrates multiple functions in its own design. Thus, our system of lines and connectors not only functions as a support for the facade components, but also acts as a wind resistant structure. Our parametric design systems, not only allow the management of multiple pieces in their appearance, their shape, texture and position can give the facade advantages in thermal behavior, solar control, and ventilation. A generative, customised design system that brings the best performance to each project

In short, we can say that the modular design provides a great opportunity for the construction sector, where the speed of work, cost optimization, flexibility in facilities and quality facilitate the growth and development of companies. Although this construction option is growing rapidly, there are still not many modular projects in our country. However, this sustainable design oriented thinking is increasingly being developed for future projects in many European countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact Denvelops in order to expand any information of the advantages of this system in your future projects!

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