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Denvelops and the Johan Cruyff Stadium nominated in multiple categories at the Premis Catalunya de la Construcció

In this XVII edition of the Catalunya Construcció Awards, the Jury has selected 22 candidates to compete for the award in each professional category from the 129 candidates presented to the XVII Catalunya Construcció Awards organized by the Colegio de Aparejadores de Barcelona (CAATEEB).

Once again, the prize will be awarded to works of very different size and type, located throughout Catalonia and representing good practice by technical teams during 2018 and 2019.

In this small group, Denvelops has the privilege of being nominated in the category of Innovation in Construction, thanks to our construction system for cladding. Also nominated is Josep Hierro and Julià’s candidacy in the category of Construction Management.

The Awards will have the support of the Council of Associations of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Civil Engineers of Catalonia and Arquinfad.

The jury of the 17th edition of the Cataluña Construcción awards is made up of Marc Barjola, technical architect and executive director; Conxita Balcells, architect; Jan Dinarès, technical architect with free practice; Santiago Ayuso, technical architect and safety coordinator; Elisabeth Magán, technical architect and production manager of Maheco Constructor; David García, architect and construction consultant, and Celestino Ventura, president of CAATEEB and president of the jury.

Both the identity of the winners and the awards ceremony will be announced in the autumn.

 Exterior picture of Johan Cruyff Stadium in Barcelona
Photography: Antonio Navarro Wijmark