DENVELOPS architectural skins

New Denvelops Media Mesh Hybrid Textiles

the new universal lighting system for architectural hybrid textiles. A “low
cost” solution that will highlight your architecture through the play of lights
and colours, by illuminating discreetly the pieces one by one.

Take the well-known advantages of the aesthetic and communicative potential of the Denvelops hybrid texTILES, is now possible, also in night mode. If you are thinking of designing a large screen television, this system may be is not for you.

But if you are thinking that the design and aesthetics of your project will
be enhanced thanks to a personalized and textured lighting of all its pieces,
which also dialogues with the environment without thereby blurring the presence of your proposal, then yes, you are in the right place.


At Denvelops we propose a 100% industrialized system, manufactured off-site
and with a quick plug and play installation. As simple as that, arrive, hang
up, connect and turn on.

Choose between two types of lighting:

a) Indirect: Small exterior light that illuminates one by one the surfaces of each piece to act as diffusers, available for all types of opaque materials (ceramics, wood, metal, etc.), preferably in light colours so that they copy
the colour of the light.

B) Interior: Available only in translucent materials based on
platelet-shaped luminaire designs.


Indeed, the Led luminescence requires maintenance, but thanks to the simplicity of the developed system, the replacement of the Led points is fast and easy. Furthermore, its correct dimensioning and lower resolution, compared to a high-definition façade, mean that the costs of said processes are long over time and minimal for all purposes.

Whether for Indoor or Outdoor designs, don’t wait any longer and decide to bring your Denvelops projects to life, also at night.


The Denvelops Team