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First project with Hybrid Glazed Ceramic TexTILES

The small project, installed in “Celler Figueres”, is the debut and demonstration that Glazed, and all type of Tiles with small thickness, finally can be use with Denvelops off-site industrialized construction systems. A new opportunity that stand-up a new way to design with this type of materials with fewer thickness. Want to taste?

The new “Celler Figueres” designed by Riba Arquitectes has not only been great news for the inhabitants of Igualada, the city where the project is located, it has also been the first project carried out with hybrid ceramic texTILES finished with glazed tiles.

Thanks to the registrable fixing system SANP ATTACHMENT, recently presented by Denvelops, it has been possible to combine the advantages -in this case- of the tiles, to those already known of the industrialized off-site construction system also developed by Denvelops, which highlights the versatility of its construction system, its multiple models of finishes and the speed and simplicity of its installation and recycling system.

To the already known advantages offered by these types of coatings in “Outdoor” applications, in terms of dressing and protecting buildings from the sun, this project highlights the advantages of this solutions for “Indoor” applications: thousands of decorative alternatives can be developed, capacity of these types of solutions to dampen noise stand out, and adaptability to use them in in vertical or horizontal facings, which in both cases have been staged in this project.

To the described advantages, we should add another one: the possibility of illuminating in a textured way (one led per piece) the hybrid texTILES, a new programmable lighting system that Denvelops has recently made available to Architects and Designers.

The Denvelops Team