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Esne Project: 100% success for the first Pergola with Denvelops® Hybrid Metal TexTILES

The Pergola development constitutes an extension of the Denvelops philosophy, creating Hybrid TexTILES with components geometry and finishings totally customized to accomplish the expectations and technical requirements of our client, the project that the architectural office Mia Matteria had developed for the University School of Design and Technology, in Madrid.


Last May 12th Denvelops finished the construction and installation of the first Hybrid TexTILES Pergola at the ESNE-University School of Design and Technology, the biggest campus specialized in design and technology in Spain, located at 97, Avenida de Alfonso XIII, in the center of Madrid.


ESNE- University School of Design and Technology commissioned the design of the pergola to the architecture and interior design firm Mia Matteria. Denvelops developed the construction solution to faithfully reproduce the design, which was installed by Estructuras Metálicas Galo and Construcciones Brillas.


ESNE aimed to install a specially designed pergola to provide shadow on the terrace above the school library. The approach of the architectural project was perfectly defined by the faculty who entrusted the design definition to the architectural firm Mia Matteria. An amazing design requested by a reference in higher education institution in the areas of Design, Innovation, and Technology, is anybody surprised?


The final design included three shading overlapped areas with different shapes of smooth contours. The integrated tiles would be big hexagonal steel pieces painted on both sides.

But then, how can this idea turn into reality? Besides, there were technical requirements and structural weight limitations at the site that needed to be considered.

Mia Matteria contacted Denvelops to face this challenge. They already knew about Denvelops systems since they are assessors and materials consultants, and they handle the distribution of Denvelops Hybrid TexTILES in Madrid.


Denvelops and Mia Matteria teams worked hand in hand on the design details. The solution developed maximized the shading without exceeding the structural requirements. In addition, Denvelops’ fully digitized production system ensured that, despite the sophistication of the design, the solution was faithfully reproduced.


In order to respect the structural constraints, on the one hand, a system of porticos supported by a grid of pillars was designed to reduce point loads on the roof, and on the other, the lightness and customization of the hybrid metallic texTILES were used to optimize the weight versus projected shade ratio.


Denvelops system decomposition in Frames, Tiles, and Connectors is made for challenges like this. The final design full of irregular and smooth shapes turned into a perfectly assembled 3D model where all the perimetral tiles had been adjusted to fit the specific contour at their position.


The complexity of the solution implied the manufacturing of unique pieces for the project and the adaptation of others, but once they were designed their production was like 3D printing thanks to numeric control technology, in which, among other virtues, almost no material wastage is generated.


The prefabrication of the frames is carried out at Denvelops facilities, in a supervised environment, minimizing mistakes and ensuring the quality of the assemblies with reliable criteria. The codification used to define each component allowed to know their exact position at each frame, facilitating the pre-assembly of the frames, for their subsequent transfer, already fully assembled, to Madrid.

The company Estructuras Metálicas Galo installed the solution. The order and precision at the building site, combined with the Denvelops Frame division and codification, were keys to overcoming the complexity of the assembly and offering a high-quality result.

Denvelops would like to thank ESNE, Mia Matteria, Estructuras Metálicas Galo, and Construcciones Brillas for the trust placed in the hybrid texTILES, for the execution of this fantastic challenge. This project has allowed us to demonstrate many of the strengths of Denvelops and the hybrid texTILES, in this case metallic.