DENVELOPS architectural skins

denvelops joins to becomes manufacturer member in the website

The Tectonica prestigious knowledge platform on architecture, design and construction technology has included as manufacturer facade producer the Denvelops systems.

Tectonica is a well-known and reputed Spanish firm, specialized on publishing monographies magazines by construction items organized in main areas.

Right now, they also are available in a new internet platform, were is able to find (the same that we always have loved so much to find in them magazines) them great text article, photos and constructions details, and of course, its passion for show all innovations about construction and architecture projects.

Besides, taking advantage of the potential of the new platform, new media content and searching skills have been added, so that, now all this good information can be found in just one click.

From Denvelops we only can recommend to our customers and followers to visit and enjoy it.

We will add as soon as possible all new projects and construction innovations we do, to improve its contents as much as possible, in case -of course- Tectonica like it.

Congratulations Tectonica!

Denvelops team
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